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At Sonali Jewellers, we believe there are few things in life as magical as acquiring new jewelry. After all, there is only so much gold and silver in the world, and only so many diamonds. When else do you have the opportunity to purchase something as unique and special as you are?

We think that whether you are buying necklaces or bracelet jewelry, rings or earrings, your experience should be as exciting as discovering a treasure you never knew you had. That is why if you are looking for a jewelry store in Calgary, AB, you should choose us!

Shopping at huge corporate jewelers is a tedious experience of browsing through the same old products that exist at every other branch in every shopping mall on the planet. When you shop at Sonali Jewellers, you know you are buying from a family owned and operated company that has been serving the local community since 1976.

We get to know our customers personally and pride ourselves on our expansive, unique collection and our friendly, attentive staff. We are not just experts in the field of jewelry accessories; we are also experts in what our customers need. We sell silver and diamond jewelry and our specialty is 22 karat gold pieces that shine like the sun and would be an incredible addition to anyone’s collection.

Whether you have not felt the thrill of finding hidden treasure recently, or you are an experienced jewelry buyer, there is only one jewelry shop you need to visit!

Come browse our exquisite collection today!

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